Industry Webbriefs

CCHIT to expand workgroups, ease pressure on volunteers The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) – an independent, nonprofit organization that has been recognized by the federal government as an official certification body for electronic health record products – announced that it plans to increase its staff and restructure volunteer workgroups in order to handle an expanded 2008 agenda. Mark Leavitt, MD, CCHIT chairman, said volunteers responsible for CCHIT’s success are finding their time spread thinner than ever. DATE: 4/17/07 Ohio hospital system builds new digital facility Lake Hospital System, based in North-eastern Ohio, broke ground recently on a new digital hospital. The new facility will be equipped with electronic medical records and filmless radiology systems that integrate with electronic information at other Lake Hospital System facilities. DATE: 4/17/07 LSU Healthcare Network to launch online PHR LSU Healthcare Network is launching iHealth in late spring 2007, an online physician-patient communication service that includes a transportable and secure online personal health record. iHealth is the first of its kind service in the New Orleans area. “In light of the tragic events of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we are committed to offering this important new service to our community,” said Frank Opelka, MD, chief executive officer of the LSU Healthcare Network. DATE: 4/18/07 Google joins fight for better healthcare info President Bush is not the only one pressing for more information to be available to healthcare consumers. According to Adam Bosworth, vice president of Google, the search engine giant is trying to make healthcare queries more productive. At the Fourth Health Information Technology Summit in Washington, DC, March 28-30, Bosworth explained that Google administrators have struggled with serious illness in their families and have had difficulty locating information on diseases and healthcare providers. “It bitterly brought home to us that there is not enough information out there,” Bosworth said. DATE: 4/2/07