Aesculap, Inc. Partners with QMed Innovations, Inc. to Offer Surgical Instrument Tray Asset Management and Delivery Solution

QMed Innovations and Aesculap enter Co-Marketing Agreement
MIDDLETOWN, R.I., Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- QMed Innovations, innovating IoT-powered solutions for global asset management of surgical trays and implant inventory, has announced its partnership with Aesculap, Inc., the market leader in sterile container systems1. The QMed Innovations' Quest sensor, designed to withstand autoclave temperatures, can now be attached to the AESCULAP Aicon™ Sterile Container System to collect valuable, actionable data such as tray turns and tray inventory. This combination offers customers a seamless inventory management experience to help increase efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure compliance with sterile processing guidelines.
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Aesculap, Inc. Partners with QMed Innovations, Inc. to Offer Surgical Instrument Tray Asset Management and Delivery Solution
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Aesculap, Inc. Partners with QMed Innovations, Inc. to Offer Surgical Instrument Tray Asset Management and Delivery Solution
The QMed Innovations' Quest sensor attaches to the bracket at either end of the AESCULAP Aicon™ container.  The sensor is designed to autonomously transmit location and temperature data over a cellular network to the cloud where the data is analyzed and presented through QMed Innovations' QVue portal. The QVue portal offers insights that can help customers:
Improve Tray Turns and Locate Lost Trays
Increase Sales Rep Efficiency
Reduce Field Inventory and Freight Cost
Support Audit and Recall Management
Provide Inspection/Calibration Tracking
"The partnership with Aesculap provides medical device OEMs the latest in autonomous cellular IoT-based asset management and sterile container system delivery solutions. Both companies share a strong commitment to finding innovative solutions to help optimize sterile processing departments," said Victor Nunes, founder and CEO of QMed Innovations.
Alan Stout, Vice President of Strategic Sales at Aesculap, added, "We look forward to a strong partnership between our two organizations. Together we aim to improve visibility, utilization and control of surgical inventory across the supply chain."
QMed Innovations, 2021 Gold Edison Award winner, provides an autoclave safe autonomous cellular IoT-based device with a predictive analytics software reporting engine that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help customers maximize the utility of their assets and streamline their supply chain. QMed helps reduce healthcare costs throughout the value stream via automated delivery of data and analytics for unparalleled insight. Visit QMed Innovations. Follow us on LinkedIn.
Aesculap, Inc., a B. Braun company, is part of a 180-year-old global organization focused on meeting the needs of an ever-changing healthcare community. Through close collaboration with its customers, Aesculap provides advanced technologies for neurosurgery, general surgery and sterilization technologies. Aesculap continues a proud heritage of leadership and responsiveness as we strive to deliver products and services that improve the quality of patients' lives. For more information, call 800-282-9000 or visit Aesculap, Inc. Follow us on LinkedIn
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1 According to Advance Market Analytics data, February 2022