i2i Population Health Partners with OptMyCare for Predictive Analytics

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- i2i Population Health, an industry leader in providing comprehensive population health solutions, has a highly sophisticated workflow platform that is user friendly and very effective in capturing inefficiencies in the healthcare system. "By accurately identifying members at high emerging risk through OptMyCare's analytics, i2i can now provide its clients with predictive solutions to further mitigate disease progression and decrease cost," says Justin Neece, CEO and President of i2i. OptMyCare, a healthcare predictive and descriptive analytics SaaS platform, has partnered with i2i which provides comprehensive population health services to over 30 million Americans across 340 clients in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Primary Care Associations, Clinically Integrated Networks, Hospitals, and Health Plans in 39 states. "This partnership will provide OptMyCare with an opportunity to incorporate its machine learning, risk stratification, and patient-specific prescriptive solution into i2i's workflow," according to Dr. Saravanan Bala, CEO of OptMyCare.
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"With OptMyCare, i2i can provide clients with predictive solutions to mitigate disease progression and decrease cost."
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i2i Population Health Partners with OptMyCare for Predictive Analytics
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i2i Population Health partners with OptMyCare for predictive analytics.
This partnership will augment efficiencies for hospitals and FQHC providers with comprehensive risk stratification across all known disease conditions, providing evidence-based recommendations at a patient level for care management teams. With increasing shortages in the healthcare workforce, the i2i Population Health and OptMyCare partnership would allow care managers and nurses to spend more time with patients at higher risk for emerging disease and its complications. This approach could save the healthcare system several million dollars while also improving patient wellness.
About i2i Population Health
i2i Population Health creates innovative population health solutions and services that improve quality outcomes, care management, and consumer experience. i2i has served healthcare clients for over 23 years and believes better care means a better life for all communities. i2i has over 340 customers in 39 states across 2,600 healthcare delivery sites, including Community Health Centers, Indian Health Services, Private Practice Clinics, Hospitals, and Behavioral Health Clinics.
About OptMyCare
OptMyCare is a cloud-based descriptive and predictive analytics SaaS product with precision prescriptive solutions at a member level for all risk-bearing entities. OptMyCare developed the first-in-market solution that identifies and stratifies all healthcare conditions, identifying emerging risk and cost with high accuracy. This enables risk-bearing entities to prioritize workforces and decrease disease progression.
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