Premier German Pharmaceutical Company Enters US Market

biosyn brings selenase® to US to support selenium deficiency
and chemotherapy health.
TAMPA, Fla., April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Research has estimated that up to 1 billion people around the world are affected by insufficient selenium intake. The trace mineral selenium is essential for human health and is required in a narrow dietary concentration range.
Micronutrients, like selenium, play an important role in growth, bone health, fluid balance and promoting a healthy immune system.
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Selenase®, a popular all-natural mineral supplement created by German pharmaceutical company biosyn, is now in the US.
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Selenium also has anticancer properties and can reduce harmful toxicities of chemotherapy and radiotherapy without compromising efficacy. Natural selenium supplements, like selenase®, can be taken to support your chemotherapy health. Studies suggest that selenium acts against cell damage in the body and may reduce some cancer treatment side effects including
hair loss
abdominal pain
loss of appetite
, and
Selenase®, a popular all-natural mineral supplement created by German pharmaceutical company biosyn, is now available in the US market. Selenase® can be used to treat
selenium deficiency
, which cannot be corrected by selenium intake from food sources. The active ingredient of selenase® oral liquid is sodium selenite pentahydrate – a source of selenium.
With a new CEO leading biosyn, the company intends to intensify its overseas activities and is happy to announce the availability of both of their products, selenase® and careimmun®, in the US. As part of the launch, the company plans to donate product to select cancer hospitals to support chemotherapy patients.
"Biosyn has been committed to advancing healthcare and improving lives for nearly 40 years with prescription, OTC, and nutraceutical products," said biosyn CEO Thomas Stiefel, D.Sc., "We are excited to bring our product line to the US and look forward to helping people worldwide."
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