Synaffix to Launch New ADC Technologies at the World ADC Conference in San Diego

GlycoConnect™ High DAR technology extension enables ADCs with increased loading, while retaining drug substance homogeneity
SYN-PNU™ represents a potency-attenuated version of PNU-159,682, the latest addition to  the toxSYN™ linker-payload portfolio
AMSTERDAM, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Synaffix B.V., a Lonza company (SIX:LONN), focused on commercializing its clinical-stage platform technology for the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with best-in-class therapeutic index, today announces that its Founder and head of R&D, prof. Floris van Delft, will present data on the launch of two new technologies during a plenary session at the World ADC conference in San Diego, at 8.15 am PDT on Wednesday 18 October 2023.
High DAR Technology
GlycoConnect™ enables any antibody to be converted into a stable conjugated ADC in a non-genetic fashion, by modifying the native antibody glycan using Synaffix's efficient enzymes and metal-free click chemistry approach. The extension of GlycoConnect™ with High DAR Technology enables ADCs with high drug loading (6, 8 and above), while retaining high drug substance homogeneity and therapeutic index.
SYN-PNU™ Linker-Payload
Synaffix's proprietary toxSYN™ linker-payloads provide multiple options to maximize efficacy by matching the best mechanism of action with the tumor biology specific to the ADC target. The newest proprietary linker-payload, "SYN-PNU™" is part of the established and expanding toxSYN™ linker-payload portfolio. SYN-PNU™ represents (based on pre-clinical models) a significantly potency-attenuated and better tolerated version of PNU-159,682, to enable enhanced administered dose levels and competitive therapeutic properties versus ADCs prepared using the original molecule. The reference compound (PNU-159,682) is metabolite of the anthracycline Nemorubicin and represents a highly potent DNA topoisomerase II inhibitor.
Prof. Floris van Delft, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
, Synaffix, said: "I look forward to presenting the underlying data supporting our new High DAR and SYN-PNU™ technologies at the World ADC conference, announcing the addition of a new and powerful Mode-of-Action (MoA) to our tox-SYN™ linker-payload toolbox and demonstrating how we can achieve higher drug loading on any antibody without departing from our 'engineering free' approach that all our clients love. We are excited by the potential of these new technologies to further enhance the ability of our licensees to discover, develop and commercialize ADCs with best-in-class therapeutic properties."
About Synaffix
Synaffix B.V. is a biotechnology company that enables ADC product candidates using its clinical-stage, site-specific ADC technology platform based on GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace® and toxSYN™, that together enable any company with an antibody to develop proprietary best-in-class ADC products under a single license from Synaffix.
The Synaffix platform enables a rapid timeline to clinic due to the established supply chain of technology components. Granted patents covering Synaffix' technology provide end-to-end protection of the manufacturing technology as well as the resulting products through at least 2039. The business model of Synaffix is target-specific technology out-licensing, as exemplified through its existing deals with ADC Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics, Shanghai Miracogen (acquired by Lepu Biopharma), Innovent Biologics, ProfoundBio, Kyowa Kirin, Genmab, Macrogenics, Emergence Therapeutics (acquired by Eli Lilly), Amgen, Hummingbird Biosciences, Chong Kun Dang Pharma, Sotio Biotech and ABL Bio.
Synaffix was fully acquired by Lonza in June 2023.
About The Synaffix ADC Platform Technology
Synaffix's proprietary ADC technology platform consists of GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace® and toxSYN™ technologies. These technologies are aimed at enabling best-in-class ADCs from any antibody, with significantly enhanced efficacy and tolerability.
GlycoConnect™ is a clinical-stage conjugation technology that exploits the native antibody glycan for site-specific and stable payload attachment and is tunable to DAR1, DAR2 or DAR4 formats. HydraSpace® is a clinical-stage compact and highly polar spacer technology that is designed to further enhance therapeutic index, particularly with hydrophobic payloads. toxSYN™ is a linker-payload platform that spans key, validated MOAs for ADC product development. This includes potent topoisomerase 1 inhibitor (SYNtecan E™), DNA damaging agents (SYNeamicin D™ and SYNeamicin G™), ⍺-Microtubule (SYNtansine™) and β-Microtubule (SYNstatin E™ and SYNstatin F™) inhibitors as well as several unlaunched proprietary linker-payloads that were generated through the ongoing innovative efforts of the Synaffix R&D team.
The combination of these three technologies provides developers with a "one stop" and easy-to-use ADC technology platform, allowing any antibody developer to develop its own proprietary ADC and any ADC developer to expand its pipeline further and increase its competitive position.
About Lonza
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